Why use a Secure Shared Calendar?

Are you using MS Office/Outlook 2013, 2016 or 2019 for managing your email (not Office 365 or MSOutlook.com) and using the built-in Calendar program to manage your daily events, meetings , appointments etc.? Are you needing a Shared Calendar for your whole office or department that all/some of your users/employees can share? If yes, we can do that. Unless you're using an expensive Microsoft Exchange service, Outlook cannot, on its own create and maintain a "Shared" calendar for all your employees. It just doesn't work on its own that way. It has to have a server based service to connect to for sharing a calendar.

We can create a Secure Shared Calendar Account on our web service that allows you to share this calendar amongst whomever you want to have access to it. What we do is setup your own personalized Shared Web Calendar on our Secure Servers (CUSecureCal.com) such as: YourBiz@CusecureCal.com. Then help you set up the Outlook Plug-In program that accesses the shared calendar account securely. This way all updates to/from the shared calendar is done so securely.

Easy to Use
  • The Secure Shared Calendar is easy to use. All you do is install the Plug-in to Outlook, create a calendar in your Outlook Calendar list, then connect that calendar to the Secure Shared Calendar online through the Outlook plug-in.
  • It even works with Smart phone Calendars. You can synch the online shared calendar with your smart phone.
  • Securely create a shared calendar for your whole business or department.
  • Specify how to and who can control your calendar:
  • Synch up and down - meaning any events you add to your local calendar will be synched up to the shared web calendar and anything put on the shared web calendar by anyone else will be synched down to you.
  • Replicated down to you - meaning your local calendar will be replicated from the shared web calendar, so you do not have the ability to add anything to this calendar. If you do, it will be overwritten and it won't be synched up to the web calendar.
  • Replicated up from you - meaning your local calendar will be replicated to the shared web calendar and therefore everyone else. You have complete control over the shared calendar. If anyone else tries to add or change the shared calendar it will be overwritten by what is on your local shared calendar. (not many people use this setup.)
  • Merged down to you - meaning events added to the shared calendar by others will be merged into your local shared calendar from the shared web calendar. However, anything you add to your local shared calendar will not be shared with anyone else.
  • Merged up from you -meaning events you add to your local shared calendar will be merged into the shared web calendar but you will not receive updates from the shared calendar. (not many people use this option setup.)
  • For example: You could have a Shared calendar for your office that only a few people can add/edit events to it, such as PTO, Vacations, Early leave times, employee meetings, etc. You may give managers access to add/edit/delete the events on shared calendar (Synch Up & Down). Then you'd give everyone else Merge Down synchronization, so that they just receive the updates/changes into their own shared calendars.
  • You can access the Shared Calendar Securely Online too if you want to! (Secure Online Access would be best for management access only or for whomever is tasked with managing the events on the calendar.)
Secure Access
  • The Shared Calendar access is very secure and uses a 256bit SSL Certificate with RSA/AES using TLS1.2. All access to/from the server is encrypted and secure from your PC's Outlook program and/or mobile device.
  • If accessing the Calendar via a web browser, it accesses the website via a 256bit SSL Certificate with RSA/AES using TLS1.2.
Very Affordable
  • No Setup Fee
  • No Long Term contracts
  • A Low $10 Monthly Fee per Shared calendar, save even more by paying Annually
  • Pay Annually (for 10 months) and get last 2 months free.
  • Additional Calendars 2-5 receive 25% discount each, 6+ receive 50% discount each.
  • For every New Customer you send us, we'll give you one FREE Month of service. (Free Months are added onto your next billing cycle.)
OPTIONAL: Setup service:

If you need assistance setting up the Outlook plug-in, or the shared calendars on your PCs we can help with that. We can remotely connect to your PC's, install the plug-in, configure the calendar on each PC at our normal support costs. Visit: https://www.icoso.com/supports/ for details.

OPTIONAL Services:

Are you tired of long email chains when discussing various topics with your Board Members or even amongst your employees or different department managers? You have to search through 100's of emails to piece together comments from multiple people and then search through their emails to see "Reply-To-All" messages. It can become a nightmare to sift through multiple email chains to find the comments that actually apply to the topic at hand. We have the Solution for that. It's a Bulletin Board System.

With a Secured Bulletin Board System for your Business you can create a Secure and Private Discussion Group for your Board Meetings, Different Departments, Managers, Policies, etc. and give access to those groups to only those that need to participate in those discussions.

Visit: https://www.cubboard.com for details.

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